How Does a Broken Furnace Contaminate Air Quality?

November 14, 2022by Lucky Air inc.0

Your furnace is extremely important, and the problem is that sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’s malfunctioning. Carbon monoxide and methane are both odorless, colorless, and deadly. It causes all kinds of horrible problems for the people who breathe it in, and some of the time, the inhabitants don’t realize that they’re affected until it’s too late.

Carbon Monoxide

This is the big danger people will talk about when it comes to furnaces because people who have it generally think they just have a cold, headache or flu. These types of symptoms confuse those who have them into thinking they will pass –  when they’re actually putting their lives in danger. Contaminated air is simple to fix when you can barely breathe it in, but in this case, there will be choking, gagging or awful smells.

Small Leaks, Big Changes

Even a small leak in a broken furnace can spell major trouble for those inside the house. Your furnace may have had a particular chemical added to it which will create a smell, so if you do happen to breathe in anything that smells like rotting eggs, now is the time to call the repairman or consider getting a new furnace installed. It depends, as furnaces were made at different times, and thus had different regulations assigned to each one. You should also be listening for any type of escaping air sounds (generally presents as a hissing) or checking on the exterior pipes to ensure they’re still intact.

The Air You Breathe

There are tips for keeping your furnace safe. They have to be entirely free from anything that might be blocking the airflow. Everything from summer clothes to old papers should be entirely cleared out of its path as anything combustible in the way may start a fire. The best way though to prevent this is to ensure you know the right people for your HVAC services. A professional has many tools to figure out whether or not your furnace is still functioning the way it should be.

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