How Can I Safely Clean My AC Unit?

June 2, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

An air conditioning unit needs regular cleaning and maintenance so as to perform effectively and efficiently throughout the years of service. Cleaning the unit ensures that the performance is efficient and consumption of energy is normal. Here are steps on how to do it safely.

Basic Cleaning Preparation- disconnect the unit from the power source or turn off the master circuit breaker. The capacitor should be discharged as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The capacitor stores an extra charge that is useful in kick-starting the AC unit and discharging it ensures no electoral charge is in the unit. Clean the outside with a wet cloth, get off all the dust that is on the unit to avoid it falling inside the unit.
Proceed to remove the front cover gently and slowly by pulling it or unscrewing the plastic screws in some covers. If the metal grill is on the cover, remove carefully as the grills might be sharp. Wipe off any dirt on the cover with a cloth.

Remove the Unit’s filter; the filter should be removed and placed in warm soapy water. Swish to remove the dirt or use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt. Set aside the filter to dry for a wet one attracts more dirt and mold. For a reusable filter, replace it after cleaning. The USA department of energy recommends replacement of the filter once a month.

Lastly clean the inside gently and the bottom of the unit, not neglecting the back of the cover. Clean the rolls using protective goggles, and gloves use warm water to clean the rolls. After this, proceed to wipe the fan blades gently while avoiding bending them because bent blades make noise. Place a dry rag on electrical part of the blades while cleaning. Reassemble the unit once done and connect to power source.

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