Why Is My Air Conditioning Not Cold?

May 16, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

There can be several reasons why your air conditioning is not blowing cold air. So before you purchase a new one you will want to make sure that you check some of the following things on your unit. Something as simple as a dirty filter can keep your air conditioning unit from functioning properly and blowing the cold air that it should. Check your filter first and try to get into the habit of changing it at least one time per month.

Once you’ve checked the filter, check the coils both inside of the home and outside. If the coils need cleaning you can use a gentle brush on the vacuum to remove the dirt from the inside and you can purchase coil cleaning solutions that you can spray on the outside coils and rinse off. Once the coils are clean the unit will be more apt to produce the cold air that it should. Coil cleaning should be done prior to using the unit for the first time during the summer.

Perhaps you air conditioning unit is low on freon and needs to be charged. You air conditioning repairman can help with this task and it can be done at a reasonable cost. Checking the things that you can first may fix the problem and keep you from having to hire a repairman and paying for the repairs. Air conditioning units can develop small leaks over time that can cause the freon to leak and the air not to be cold at all.

Lack of maintenance is the number one cause of a unit not performing the way that it should leave your home uncomfortably hot. Checking it prior to using it can help you save money. Making sure that it is operating correctly can help you save money on your utility cost each month. Neglect can cost you more than you ever imagined.

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