How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Your Furnace

March 15, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

Carbon monoxide is created from a natural gas furnace by incomplete combustion. A properly working furnace, according to, will vent the small amount of CO out of the house. However, older models may produce excess CO that can accumulate in the home. A leak in the ventilation system can develop that may carry some of the deadly gas into your house, as well.

Oil and wood-fired furnaces can also create carbon monoxide that can leak into the home if not cleaned and maintained properly.

The best way to stop carbon monoxide leaks in your furnace is to have it maintained once or twice a year. If the technician finds a fault, make the repairs immediately. You should also keep all of your vents clear of debris around the opening in the roof. Clogged vents may cause a buildup of carbon monoxide with potentially deadly results.

You should also have carbon monoxide detectors installed in every room of your house and be alert as to the symptoms of CO poisoning. If you feel that you or anyone else is suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning or if one or more of the alarms go off, turn the heat off immediately, and call emergency services. If you maintain a little awareness and common sense you can prevent the silent death of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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