How Often Does a Furnace Need Maintenance?

February 14, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

As the winter months continue to roll on, many people are firing up their furnaces as a way to generate some additional heat that can keep everyone warm. Before turning on their furnace for the winter, many people have heard that they should have their furnaces inspected. While this does cost money, it is an important part of maintaining the home’s furnace system. But just how often does the furnace need to be inspected?

Have the Furnace Inspected Once Per Year

Most professionals would recommend that the furnace inspection must be performed once per year. Ideally, this would be before the first time the furnace is fired up for the winter. The furnace is like any other machine and needs to have routine maintenance to extend the efficiency and the longevity of the furnace. Without proper maintenance, the furnace could require repairs or replacement earlier than necessary or use a significant amount of energy that could drive up the home’s energy bills. Take the time to have the furnace inspection annually prior to the first use for the winter.

What Kinds of Problems Could be Caught?

There are a number of problems that an annual furnace inspection could catch that might otherwise cause problems for the home. For example, the furnace inspection could reveal problems with the ventilation of the furnace. Sometimes, the smoke isn’t released properly through the chimney. This could create health problems for people in the home. Other times, the integrity of the furnace itself could be lacking. It might be releasing heat to the outdoors instead of the interior. This decreases the efficiency of the furnace. These are only a couple of the problems that could be caught by a furnace inspection. Make sure to avoid these problems with proper maintenance.

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