Why Annual Furnace Maintenance is Important

November 10, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

In any home that requires heating, it’s simply expected that the furnace will work properly year-round; when you turn it on, it goes on without a hitch. What some homeowners forget, however, is that in order for a furnace to function smoothly, it is essential to have annual maintenance done.

Common Problems Fixed by Annual Furnace Maintenance

• Blower motor bearings that require lubrication

For blowers to be optimally functional, it is essential that the blower motor bearings be fully lubricated. Maintenance will lubricate the bearings so that they work properly.

• Dirty air filters

Next, annual maintenance will give you a regular time each year to change your dirty air filters. This will also require cleaning the AC condensing coil as well as the dust from the blower fan.

• Loosened duct work

Duct work can often be loosened because of standard heating and cooling contraction and expansion. If this is not fixed right away, it can waist hundreds of dollars in heating expenses over the course of a heating season.

• Other issues

Several other issues can be fixed with regular maintenance, including improperly firing burners, loose wiring harnesses, loose blower belts, a blocked condensate drain, and leaking coolant.

How Regular Furnace Inspections Save You Money

For the reasons listed above, regular furnace inspections can save you money down the line. When your furnace is regularly maintained by a heating and cooling expert, you’ll catch problems before they become serious fix or replacement issues. In some of the worst cases, a problem that could have been solved with simple regular maintenance turns into a permanent issue that requires full replacement of your furnace.

Arranging for Annually Maintenance

In most areas of the world where annual heating is necessary, arranging for maintenance at least one month before the beginning of the winter season is best. Prevent problems with your furnace before they start by getting your furnace checked and maintained on a regular yearly basis.

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