Sounds That Signal Your AC Unit is Failing

May 27, 2016by Lucky Air inc.0

Your AC unit is a complicated piece of machinery but it will often give you signals that something is wrong and that it may be failing. The real key is to pay attention to these early warning signals so that you can remedy issues before they destroy your system entirely.

The first noise you want to watch out for is any labored sounds. If it sounds like your air conditioner is working harder than it should be you may have a part of your system that is under too much stress and that is not working properly. If you hear your system being strained you may want to call a professional to assess the situation.

Another noise to watch out for are any loud and persistent banging noises. If you hear a pop or a bang and your system continues to function normally and the noise does not come back it is likely not an issue and may not need further investigation. However, if the system continues to make loud banging noises or starts to work less efficiently, you should call a professional immediately.

Lastly, if you hear your system making any hissing or popping noises it may indicate that there is an issue with the coolant or the fan in the system. In most cases if you hear your system making any noise that is out of the ordinary you should take the time to have a technician come out and investigate. Even if your air conditioner only makes a noise every now and again, this type of noise can indicate that there are issues that may come and go or that may be more permanent.

Knowing your system is just one way to ensure that you are not going o to have any issue with your system. Routine maintenance can help to catch these issues before they become true problems that have the potential to ruin or destroy an entire system.

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