Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Unit Turn Off?

September 7, 2017by Lucky Air inc.0

Cleaning both the interior and exterior components of your air conditioner unit is necessary, to foster efficient functioning, in addition to regular maintenance. However, you may discover that the unit is always running and that indicates there are problems with the system that need a diagnosis. There are several explanations why your AC unit could be running all the time.

Faulty Thermistor
A thermistor is supposed to monitor the temperature inside your house, and it also sends signals to your air conditioning system prompting it to turn off. Any fault on this component means that its functioning will be inhibited, and failure to alert the AC unit when it should switch to “off” mode, will cause the system to run continuously.

The Size Factor
The size of your house versus that of the air conditioning unit you have may affect the unit’s mode of operation. If the system is smaller in size compared to your home, it will need to circulate enough air before it turns off, which in most cases is practically impossible. As such, it will run without stopping to meet this requirement to no avail.

Defective Control Board
Inside the air conditioning system, there is a control board responsible for powering the fan motors and compressor as well. If this primary control has a fault, it will force the system to run all the time as long as the issue remains unresolved.

Dirty Condenser Coils
Condenser coils get rid of the heat coming from inside your house and are fitted externally in the condensing unit. As such, there is a high probability that dirt may cover these coils on various occasions, meaning that your AC unit will have difficulties removing heat from your house. As a result, the system will run throughout in a bid to exhaust the heat with no success.

Air conditioning professionals at Lucky Air can address each of these problems among others, and should you realize that your AC unit is not shutting off when it should, reach out to them for help.

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