Tips On Maintaining Your AC Unit

October 1, 2016by Lucky Air inc.0

Your AC unit is a vital part of your home and maintaining it is a necessity. There are a few different things that you can do to keep your AC going long after others have worn out. More often than not, AC failure is due to common issues that could have been prevented if proper AC care had been employed.

The first step is to schedule and stick with a routine maintenance plan. You can either follow the instructions on the actual unit itself or consult with your AC specialist to see what a good maintenance schedule is. At Lucky Air, we suggest maintenance twice a year, once when the season starts and once when the unit is going to be left over the winter and not used. This service may include things like changing and checking belts, looking at filters, and making sure that all parts are working as they should be.

The next step is to take care of your filter. This is something simple that homeowners can often do on their own without a technician. A dirty filter can end up causing clogs, causing the belts and fans to wear out, and can even cause the unit to malfunction. You may also want to check filters to make sure that the air that is being pumped into your home is as clean as possible. Cleaning ducts and vents may also help reduce the strain on your AC and help elongate its life.

The last step is to repair parts as they break rather than wait for larger issues to occur. If you have your technician come out and a belt is about to go out, you should have it replaced as a belt can fly apart and cause damage to other parts of the AC if it is not taken care of. Remedying smaller problems as they occur is going to be more cost-effective and safer for your AC overall than waiting for something major to go wrong.

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